What if an airplane was an operating room?

Contact information:  

Sint-Maarten Hospital, Belgium

Evelien Raman,¬†[email protected]


Originally developed by: Sint-Maarten Hospital
Country of origin: Belgium
Year of development: 2013
Last updated: No
Next update: No
Available in the following languages: English,
English subtitles

Type of tool: tool for training and education, promotion of a safety culture

Short description

To illustrate the comparison between the ‘safe surgery checklist’ of an operating room and the checklist used by airline pilots, 3 healthcare professionals (anaesthesiologist, surgeon and patient safety coordinator) adopted the role of flight crew in a cockpit.

Target audience

This tool is to be used by all members of the surgical team (surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, …).

Applicability (setting e.g. inpatient care, outpatient care, long term care etc.)

Inpatient care – surgical procedures

Information on how the tool has been applied/tested in practice

This film was first shown during a patient safety talkshow on April 25th, 2013, in the settings of a movie theatre. Around 300 people, including 50 doctors,  participated and watched the video. The feedback was very positive, both from nurses and surgeons.
Because this video has been implemented very recently, we did not yet test its effects in practice. We plan on evaluating the impact on the use of the safe surgery checklist in June 2013.