Operating block Checklist

Contact information:  

Eeman Anne-Marie, Coordinateur Qualité, CHwapi – Site Notre-Dame, Avenue Delmée, n°9 à 7500 Belgium
[email protected]

Originally developed by: Centre Hospitalier de Wallonie Picarde: Chwapi
Country of origin: Belgium
Year of development: 2011
Last updated: 1.1.2011
Next update: In June 2013
Available in the following languages: French
Reason for not fulfilling the requirements: Not available in English

Type of tool: tool for evaluation and feedback

Short description

Checklist elaborated in workgroup with the medical direction and the nursing direction. This workgroup also consisted of surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses of the operating block and the quality coordinator.

Target audience

The checklist is used within the various operating blocks of the CHwapi by all the nursing staff.

Information on how the tool has been applied/tested in practice

All the staff of the operating block received an information about the procedure of application of the checklist. This one was organized from January 1st, 2011. An information to the whole hospital center was made via the monthly magazine CHwapi media. Posters were put in all the operating blocks of the CHwapi. An audit was made on 8280 checklists.

Needed resources (financial, material, human)

There has to be a coordinator of the project. Materially, it is only necessary to print the checklists. These are then recorded in the medical record of the patient (completed). There has to be one or several representative(s) of department(s) represented in the workgroup. There should be an involvement of the management (medical / nursing / general).

Needed time for implementation

2 months

Strengths and limitations

It must be adapted. After more than two years using this tool, we highlighted points which are not enough completed and others which must be added.