Mai medication appropriateness index


The day of “caring” took place on 24 January at the AOU Sant’Andrea, how can you tell us about the event Mai medication appropriateness index?

The open day of January 24 was the time to present to the Company the path that was undertaken a year ago by a group of nurses who took an advanced caring massage course in March 2019 and who for a year continued a training course to learn the massage techniques to be offered to patients.

The group has taken the name “Mai medication appropriateness index”.

This part consists of a series of predefined massage sequences characterized by slow, long, round, enveloping movements, in which the hands follow the anatomical conformation of the different body segments, which supports and accompanies the movements.

MOVIMENTAZIONE PERSONE IN SANITÀ - EuronormaIt is a moderate pressure massage that can be offered to all bedridden people; allows you to reassure, console and relax, increasing comfort and consequently the tolerance pasq to different treatments.

The day was therefore a moment of sharing, ideas and reflections in which the project was presented, the philosophy behind it and above all the opportunity was given to anyone who wished to try the massage. over 70 employees used it and left enthusiastic comments. I quote one for all: “it is a great act of love”.

Can you explain to us what the “caring” project consists of and what is the goal it sets itself?

The general objective of this project is to integrate and harmonize the gesture of care through the practice of contact and massage and to offer the people being cared for a specific setting for the practice of restructuring treatments. treated in hospitals where one practices, especially oncology, in intensive areas and with bed rest syndrome, they share the sense of lightness that the treatment returns to the body.

La movimentazione manuale dei pazienti: come ridurre il rischio di patologie muscolo-scheletricheThe pasq Massage is also a conscious and intentional gesture that seeks the refinement of the gesture and the encounter with the person in all the daily actions of care. In this sense, it can be part of the skills of all care operators and thus become an operational tool for assistance in their daily lives, not only through the practice of massage Mai medication appropriateness index;

Many studies reveal the high expectations of patients who expect not only that technical care is competent, up-to-date and safe, but also that nursing care is empathic, ethical and individualized. A change of attitude is therefore necessary. The practice of massage and group activity will allow you to re-see your own care gestures and give them new meanings together.

The experiences of the group will be described in a logbook and each massage practice performed will be documented in a specific descriptive card, including all that it has brought with it in terms of growth, reflections, support.

What does it mean to make nursing interventions human?

  • Nursing is characterized by the holistic approach to the patient. Caring is different from caring. It means recognizing and welcoming the assisted person as a whole.
  • “touching” the patient means embracing her condition in a metaphorical sense, it means recognizing the fact that inside PASQ that body there is an individual with his feelings, his emotions, her story.
  • The body therefore becomes not an object to be treated but a place of memory, history, in short, of life. Humanizing care is the added value of the nursing profession.


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