Medication Reconciliation


The aim of this Safe Clinical Practice (SCP) is to identify and correct medication errors (unintentional medication discrepancies) across transitions of care.Transitions in care such as admission to and discharge from the hospital put patients at risk for errors due to poor communication and inadvertent information loss.

Up to 67% of patients admitted to the hospital have unintended medication discrepancies, and these discrepancies remain common at discharge (Kwan et al 2013). Almost one-third of medication discrepancies occurring at hospital admission or discharge have the potential to cause patient harm (i.e., potential adverse drug events) (Mueller et al 2012).

Adverse drug events associated with medication discrepancies can prolong hospital stays and, in the postdischarge period, may lead to emergency department visits, hospital readmissions, and use of other health care resources (Mueller et al 2012).


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