“You are in good hands”

Contact information: National handhygiene campaign in Belgium

[email protected]

Originally developed by: Work group of the Belgian Antibiotic Policy Coordination Committee (BAPCOC)
Country of origin: Belgium
Year of development: From 2004 and on going, update for each campaign
Last updated: March 2013
Next update: For the next campaign 2014-2015
Available in the following languages: French, Dutch
Reason for not fulfilling the requirements: Not available in English

Type of tool: tool for system change, training and education, evaluation and feedback, reminding staff in the workplace, information of patients and relatives

Short description

Based on the WHO guidelines we developed a multimodal strategy to improve hand hygiene in healthcare settings in Belgium. The message of each campaign is different and based on our observations during the previous campaign.

Target audience

All healthcare workers, students, professors

Applicability (setting e.g. inpatient care, outpatient care, long term care etc.)

Inpatient, long term care

Information on how the tool has been applied/tested in practice

5 national handhygiene campaigns with new materials every year such as posters, folders, articles, manuals, e-learning, PowerPoint Presentations, training, gadgets (lamps, bookmark, clips, magnets, …), … all can be found on the website http://www.belgium.be/en/health/   The main results can be found in the report on http://www.nsih.be/HH/inleiding_nl.asp  and the results prove the effectiveness of the tools used. The campaign is implemented and reviewed twice a year to enhance the sensibilisation of everyone concerned.

Needed resources (financial, material, human)

Financial: budget 125 000 EUR for each campaign (held every two years);
Material: graphic designer, printings;
Human: coordinators and organisation team (members of universities and the Federal Public Service of health)

Needed time for implementation

One year to 6 months for each campaign. (Planning and elaboration of tools for new campaign)

Strengths and limitations

Strengths: the topic of each individual campaign is determined according to the needs in the field. The yearly report helps to determine these topics: for instance “when to use gloves” or “the use of alcohol-based hand rub”.
Limitations: hospitals decide to use these provided tools on a voluntary basis. How the tools are used in the health care facility is to be decided by a designated team.