How To Guide Hand Hygiene

Contact information:  

NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, UK
Lynne Caley, [email protected]

Originally developed by: Institute for Health Improvement
Country of origin: USA
Year of development: Unknown
Last updated: No information available
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Available in the following languages: English

Type of tool: tool for system change

Short description

Transmission of healthcare associated pathogens most often occurs via the contaminated hands of healthcare workers. Accordingly, hand hygiene (i.e., hand washing with soap and water or use of a waterless, alcohol-based hand rub) has long been considered one of the most important infection control measures for preventing healthcare associated infections.

The tool gives a rationale for implementing and monitoring hand hygiene, with detailed evidence from research publications; it also provides a step-by-step guide to implementing and measuring compliance with hand hygiene.

There are improvement stories / case study examples available by following the web link.

Target audience

Those involved in instituting policy and those responsible for training and evaluating staff and patient compliance

Applicability (setting e.g. inpatient care, outpatient care, long term care etc.)

All healthcare environments

Information on how the tool has been applied/tested in practice

Widespread across the US and UK