Hand hygiene Observational audit tool 2011 v2.6

Contact information:  

Ajay Oza or Sheila Donlon, Health Protection Surveillance Centre Dublin Ireland

[email protected]


Originally developed by: Clinical Programme for the prevention of HCAI & AMR and Health Protection Surveillance Centre
Country of origin: Ireland
Year of development: 2011
Last updated: No information available
Next update: No information available
Available in the following languages: English

Type of tool: tool for evaluation and feedback

Short description

The aim of the tool is to collate and analyse hand hygiene compliance data. Data from hand hygiene audits are entered in a Microsoft excel tool and overall and individual ward results are automatically generated in table and graph format.

Target audience

This tool is designed to be used by infection prevention and control teams and hand hygiene auditors to provide immediate results of hand hygiene compliance audits.

Applicability (setting e.g. inpatient care, outpatient care, long term care etc.)

This tool can be used by any facility using the WHO 5 moments for hand hygiene; in Ireland primarily used in acute facilities but has been used in elderly care nursing homes also.

Information on how the tool has been applied/tested in practice

The tool has been used since 2011 by all acute hospitals in Ireland. Mandatory hand hygiene compliance data from acute facilities are submitted to the national coordinating centre using the tool. A formal evaluation has not been undertaken, however no issues have been reported. Facilities in the UK and Canada have requested permission to use and adapt the tool.

Needed resources (financial, material, human)

Basic IT skills

Needed time for implementation

The transfer of data from paper form to the excel tool takes time, however it can be used with hand held devices that are compatible with excel.

Strengths and limitations

As it is an excel tool, results from audits undertaken at different times cannot be aggregated.