To improve patient satisfaction, it is necessary to use tools that lighten the burden of the secretariat and improve its efficiency.There are many solutions Teamstepps, the one that improves the operation of the secretariat and patient satisfaction is undoubtedly artificial intelligence technology for conversation.

What is artificial intelligence for conversation?

Artificial intelligence for conversation PASQ is an advanced technology equipped with sophisticated algorithms that allows you to have a conversation with people in the Teamstepps most natural way possible.

corso-oss-5125616It is able to understand and collect patient requests, connect with the medical management system and record requests such as booking an appointment, requests for medical prescriptions and is able to collect and enter in the management system the medical documents sent by patients to the medical center.

  • Conversational AI solutions not only handle incoming requests, they are proactive as well, as they allow you to contact patients to:
  • book appointments for periodic or control visits;
  • notify appointments, with the possibility of moving or canceling them, without any direct contact with the secretariat;
  • inform about the availability of reports, also sending a download link, without passing them through the study for collection;
  • inform about changes in doctor’s visit Teamstepps and reception hours and doctor’s office opening hours.

Solutions equipped with Artificial Intelligence are of great support for the realities of the healthcare sector in managing the relationship with patients.

Allowing them to better manage their requests pasq.

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igienepaziente-9233986Touch is one of the first senses to be formed in the human body, and the first way of knowledge for the child. Thanks to the nerve fibers called receptors, in fact the hands and the skin allow us to live, interact and orient ourselves with the reality of the world around us, providing us with relevant information for our life, from which touch Teamstepps / massage associations are born.

This combination has a therapeutic purpose which, through the nerve endings, produces effects on the central nervous system and on the hormones of happiness, increasing our psychophysical well-being.

  • In fact, it seems that the delicate touch of the massage has been shown to have a calming effect, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and therefore cortisol.
  • Hence the importance of daily gestures in assistance, which represents a value in personal care, a valid means of communication to reduce moral suffering. The “caring” day took place on 24 January 2020 at PASQ University Hospital.


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