Work Package 5 Tool Boxes for Implementation of Safe Clinical Practices


In order to guide Health Care Organisations (HCOs) through the implementation process of the Safe Clinical Practices (SCPs) tool boxes for each SCP have been developed. They include information on the specific SCP and additionally they offer a selection of specific tools like videos, checklists and guidelines which can be used and/or adapted by the HCOs. These tools may be used by the HCOs on a voluntary basis when implementing the SCP(s).

Tool Box for WHO Surgical Safety ChecklistTool Box for Medication ReconciliationTool Box for Multimodal intervention to increase hand hygiene complianceTool Box for Paediatric Early Warning Scores (PEWS)
Furthermore generic implementation tools related to Patient Safety and Quality of Care have been collected. They are provided in order to give HCOs further support when working in this field.
Are you interested in learning more about the development of the tool boxes in Work Package 5?
Have a look at the methodology of collection of implementation tools.Here you can find information on the requirements as well as the timeframe relevant for HCOs implementing SCPs. Finally we would like to give you some information on the monitoring and assessment of the WP5 implementation process.


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