Overview of SCP Implementation in PaSQ Member States and participating Health Care Organisations


The following chart shows the PaSQ Member States which are implementing at least one of the four Safe Clinical Practices (SCPs). The crosses (x) signify which practice(s) the Member States chose for implementation in the context of the PaSQ project.

The arrows  pointing to the PaSQ Member States lead to the country-specific lists of Health Care Organisations participating in the implementation of the SCPs.

Country WHO Surgical Safety Checklist Medication Reconciliation Multimodal intervention to increase hand hygiene compliance Paediatric Early Warning Scores
Austria X X
Bulgaria X X X
Croatia X X
Finland X X
France X
Germany X
Greece X
Hungary X X X
Ireland X X X
Italy X X X
Latvia X X
Lithuania X X X
Netherlands X X X
Norway X
Poland X X
Spain X X X X
Slovakia X X
United Kingdom X
Sum 13 11 11 4


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