PaSQ Questionnaires


Why complete it?

Regular physical activity provides many health benefits and is safe for most individuals. Even so, it is
important for individuals to use a screening tool to be able to assess and make an informed decision about
whether consulting with a healthcare professional before engaging in physical activities is warranted.


To help identify individuals with known medical conditions, and/or signs or symptoms of medical conditions,
which may put someone at higher risk of an adverse event during physical activity.


To help inform your choices regarding physical activities, and to provide guidance about when to seek advice
from a healthcare provider before being physically active, to help ensure your safety.


Complete this form and refer to the summary/recommendations for information on whether medical clearance is
advisable prior to engaging in physical activity. If you have any concerns or questions after completing the
PASQ, seek the advice of your healthcare provider or a clinician at Cornell Health before engaging in physical
activity. This PASQ is not a substitution for a medical examination or advice from your healthcare provider.