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What is meant by patient satisfaction?

Patient satisfaction is an indicator of the effectiveness of the treatment and of the relationship with the patient in the Gp display practice details aspx pridlr 15 doctor’s office.

It is an evaluation parameter that provides valuable information on various aspects of health care, including the Gp display practice details aspx pridlr 15 effectiveness of care and the treatment received by doctors and staff of the facility.

Patient satisfaction has always been an important element, but has only recently become essential in the healthcare sector.

oss_somministrazione_pasto-5137322Patients increasingly ask to be an active part in the management of their health and in the relationship with the medical center, likewise, they expect a higher level of attention towards them and a better care of their health problems.

Many medical facilities are starting to pay attention to patient experience and satisfaction. What steps should be taken to improve patient satisfaction?Before answering this question, we must first understand the importance and relevance of patient satisfaction.Patient satisfaction: how important it is

Improving patient satisfaction has become very important in all healthcare settings, from hospitals to pharmacies Gp display practice details aspx pridlr 15. The reason is simple: the level of satisfaction affects patient loyalty.

Thanks to the Internet and social media platforms, patients are now aware of the quality of care offered by medical centers. They have set new expectations of convenience, transparency and collaboration, and medical centers must develop strategies to meet these new needs.

But how important is it actually to satisfy a patient PASQ?

Both an IDC research and a Deloitte research, affirm that people who have had an excellent experience with a company, at any stage of the relationship process, (purchase, assistance …) will become promoters of the company and will share the excellent experience lived with 9 people.

On the contrary, people who have had a bad experience will tell it to as many as 16 people with a greater propensity to share it PASQ online.

With an increasing number of people posting their positive and negative experiences online, potential patients decide whether to go to one facility rather than another based on the testimonials of other patients with Gp display practice details aspx pridlr 15 on PASQ. A satisfied patient returns (with other people)Whether for a business such as a restaurant or for a healthcare facility, the rule is that satisfied customers (or patients) come back and invite other people to try the same facility.


We know very well: the cost of acquiring the patient is high. Retaining existing patients by providing high-level care is one of the sure ways to reduce the chances of these people changing their healthcare facilities. However, failing to provide excellent service means losing a patient forever. Patient satisfaction isn’t just a bonus – it’s a huge investment in the future of your medical reality.

Finally, when it comes to our health, we tend to trust family and friends more than any advertising.

By providing a service perceived by patients as highly positive, the medical reality can attract new contacts, thanks to positive word of mouth.
The staff of the medical center: a precious resource

operatrice-socio-sanitaria-7952317When it comes to the relationship with the patient in the medical center, the first figures with whom the patient relates and interfaces are those of the staff of the medical secretariat.

Patient satisfaction is important and much of the work is on the shoulders of this section of the medical center Gp display practice details aspx pridlr 15.

This is why it is important to improve patient satisfaction without burdening the secretariat with further tasks such as following online reviews, managing diaries and medical bureaucracy at the same time, contacting the patient proactively.


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