89-603 / Training Programme in emergencies directed towards residents at the time of their integration into the healthcare centres

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Regional Ministry of Health and Social Welfare


Professional learning program on quality and safety
Implementation of Patient Safety initiatives / Activities
GOP Description
Implementation level
Clinical settings
Public Healthcare Centres Emergency Rooms where residents are trained.
To train residents in clinical reasoning abilities, management of the most frequent diseases in emergencies, knowledge of feedback loops, tests and teamwork.
Doctors who are integrated in Andalusian public healthcare centres to be trained as specialists during four or five years and have shifts in emergency rooms at least in the first year of their residency.
Healthcare Centres identify prevalent processes in emergencies and determine those questions related to the attention given to patients which can be important for the residents training. A specific training programme is defined and developed in this context and based on previous years’ experience. This programme is given by emergency room professionals. This improves their relationship with residents and, therefore, the teamwork.
Timeframe implementation
As this model integrates residents once a year, this GOP has to be habitually introduced and developed when residents begin their training in the healthcare centre.
Implementation tools available
Online platform for the residents training management in the Andalusian Public Health System: www.portaleir.es
Implementation cost
The implementation doesn’t have an additional cost because it is a training programme given by healthcare centres professionals in their ordinary workday.
Method used to measure the results
The Regional Ministry of Health and Social Welfare is developing a model for measuring training programmes transfer and impact. Up to now, a specific method for measuring results is not available although the survey filled in by residents each year shows the high satisfaction index of this programme.
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