86-603 / Decreasing of estimated complaints

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Andalusian Health Service


Clinical risk management
Incident reporting and learning system
Reporting and learning systems
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Implementation level
Clinical settings
All healthcare settings (primary care, hospital, ambulatory, etc.)
To decrease the number of monetary complaints. It will indicate an improvement in patient safety and, therefore, a better healthcare quality.
All the Public Healthcare Services users
With the clinical documentation completed and the director’s report of the implicated clinical unit, an opinion by the physician of the Risk and Assurance Service must be done. This opinion report will conclude whether the monetary complainted performance might be estimated or not. This GOP is based on the previous GOP about the filed complaints so it is necessary to link both training programs addressed to the Directors of those types of Clinical Units with more probabilities of complaints. Hence, it is important that the Directors understand the importance of a good verbal communication with the users, as well as the need of filling in the clinical records appropriately (expressing everything done with the patient) and making a correct report. These reports are very important and useful in order to defend the complaint health care.
Timeframe implementation
It depends on every Clinical Unit. In some cases it was immediately after the training
Implementation tools available
•    Improvement of health professionals’ verbal communication with the users.
•    Feedback of the resolved estimated complaints in order to avoid those incidents repeats again, sending copies of the resolutions to the directors of those implicated clinical units.
Implementation cost
Not quantified.
Method used to measure the results
Number of resolved estimated complaints per year.
Decreasing of the rates of resolved estimated complaints per year.
Analysis of the results
To achieve these objectives, it is essential that implicated professionals in every complaints know directly its resolutions, in order to avoid it will happen again. Similarly, those professionals must receive the training program described above.
Implementation barriers
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Inadequately filled in clinical records. They don’t reflect everything done with the patient, as well as those Director’s reports which are not useful for an appropriated medical opinion fulfillment.
Describe the strategies used to overcome the barriers (If needed)
Contacting directly with the implicated professional to inform them about the importance of their report and clarifying their doubts in its making.
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