85-603 / Decreasing of filed complaints

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Andalusian Health Service


Clinical risk management
Quality management system
Reporting and learning systems
GOP Description
Implementation level
Clinical settings
All healthcare settings (primary care, hospital, ambulatory, etc.)
To avoid exceeding a certain number of complaints per year in every healthcare setting.
All the Public Healthcare Services users
We began with this indicator in 2010, gathering all the healthcare settings of the Andalusian Health Service. An average of the filed complaints per type of setting was calculated. This average is the number of complaints which might not be exceed.
Timeframe implementation
1 year
Implementation tools available
•    Improvement of health professionals’ verbal communication with the users.
•    Feedback of the resolved estimated complaints in order to avoid those incidents repeats again, sending copies of the resolutions to the directors of those implicated clinical units.
Implementation cost
Not quantified.
Method used to measure the results
Number of complaints per year
Achievement of the objective in the most healthcare settings. This has involved a decreasing of the whole number of complaints.
Analysis of the results
Two factors have been essential to achieve the goals:
•    The fact that this indicator is included within the objectives of clinical units.
•    The fact that implicated professionals in every single complaint know its resolution so they can avoid it happens again.
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