84-436 / Introducing accreditation in Slovenian health care institutions

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Ministry of health



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Implementation level
Clinical settings
Hospitals (general and specialized), primary care nstitutions
To introduce and support the process of achieving international accreditation certificate
Top management
Ministry of health (MOH) cerated a working group to develop a national approach towards accreditation. The experts in the working group decided not to develp our own standards but rather to encourage the accreditation based on international accreditation standards.In this way we achieved the accreditation of severa health care institutions in a relatively short time.
Timeframe implementation
6 months for setting the policy and several years for hospital accreditation, according to the level of preparedness of each hospital
Implementation tools available
MOH has issued a policy document on how to approach accreditation process. National Health care insurance institute (the payer of health care services) included a financial dis-incentive in the annual agreeent with health care organizations which stimulates accreditation.
Implementation cost
The costs of MOH related to the drafting of the policy document are estimated to be few hundred Euros. The cost of accreditation by internationally recognized organizations are determined through negotiations with involved parties. The MOH co – financed the first accreditation survey in several hospitals to accumulative cost of 85.000 Eur.
Method used to measure the results
The MOH has asked the hospitals to report to the ministry the activities connected to accreditation and when certificates are obtained.
As of February, 27 th there are 9 accredited hospitals out of 29. A further 18 hospitals or primary health care institutions are preparing for accreditation.
Analysis of the results
Survey reports have been analysed by the MOH. The most frequent non-conformities have been recognized and presented to the hospital management.
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