83-603 / Quality of mobile applications on health: distinctive and certification

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Andalusian Agency for Healthcare Quality
Andalusian Regional Ministry of Health and Social Welfare


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The corrections received from the NCP: “Due to the nature of this project, it can apply to any clinical setting (primary care, hospital emergency units, nursing homes). Any organization or person that creates a mobile app can take part in this distinctive process.”
To distinguish those mobile applications on health that implement the necessary measures to fulfill a serie of recommendations for quality and safety, so they can be used by citizens reliably and minimizing risks.
Universal. It is aimet at anyone responsible for mobile applications on health.
“Literature review.
Design of recommendations for the design, use and assessment of mobile applications on health, in collaboration with a group of experts.
Design and development of an online application for the development of self-assessment and assessment of mobile applications on health.
Elaboration of recommendations, improvement actions and best practices from the analysis of the results of the assessment process.
Distinctive award.”
Timeframe implementation
– Definition of the Quality of Mobile Applications on Health Strategy, creation of the assessment system and launching of the program: September 2012 – April 2013
– Creation of a library of “safe applications”: November 2013
– Launching of the certification program: June 2014
Implementation tools available
Comprehensive management system for assessment of mobile applications on health, consisting of two modules, one for self-assessment and other one for assessment, accessible through username and password for each mobile application responsible and for assessors. When a new application is received, the self-assessment phase of the mobile application starts. The application responsible finds there guidelines to fulfill the self-assessment process, from minimum requirements that the application must meet.The responsible of the application can access to a Help section, contact an advisor and access to a communication zone.
Implementation cost
Minimum cost. No special training is required to handle the tool and no software acquisition is needed.
Method used to measure the results
What indicators are used?
3 apps already finished the process and they are assessed positively as safe apps.
10 apps on the assessment phase
13 apps on the self-assessment phase
Analysis of the results
No results yet. It is being implemented.
Implementation barriers
Did you find implementation barriers?
Please describe implementation barriers
Reluctance of mobile applications on health developers to go through an assessment process.
Describe the strategies used to overcome the barriers (If needed)
We are working currently on raising awareness among designers of mobile applications on health about the advantages of creating quality applications aimed at your target audience and fulfilling minimum standards.
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