82-603 / Health Care Plan for Caregivers in the Andalusian Health Service: “ + Care Card” (“Tarjeta + Cuidados)

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Andalusian Regional Ministry of Health and Social Welfare


Quality improvement project
Professional learning program on quality and safety
Reporting and learning systems
Patient safety culture / Patient safety climate
GOP Description
Implementation level
Clinical settings
1. Caregivers of patients with high level of functional dependence and / or cognitive impairment (Barthel <60/Pfeiffer> = 5), palliative care or dementia.
2. Take care for 10 hours or more a day.
3. Not receive financial remuneration for caregiving
1.    To establish positive mesure for disabled persons caregivers ensuring large differential access to professional services in the Andalusian Health Service.
2.    To conduct a comprehensive care (assessment and specific care plan) and response to care needs for all caregivers captured as cardholders of the + care card
. Caregivers of patients with high level of functional dependence and / or cognitive impairment (Barthel <60/Pfeiffer> = 5), palliative care or dementia.
2. Take care for 10 hours or more a day.
3. Not receive financial remuneration for caregiving
1. Inclusion of carers as a target population of the Andalusian Health Service, susceptible own specific services

2. Protocol health care for caregivers.

Implementation strategy:

– Designe the process of implementation and monitoring of measures to develop health care for caregivers in each center of the SSPA
– Attract caregivers in community health centers and their profile detection from hospital by nurses who have been referring to the patient and caregivers at hospital.
– Use the Web environment, in hospital and community level centers, for the identification of Caregivers
– Establishe of benchmark coordination: the case managers nurses at hospital and in the community.
– Communication plan and working with the different services

Timeframe implementation
One year
Implementation tools available
– Plan for dissemination among professionals and between patient associations.
– ID Card + care identified with every caregiver
– Identify the nurse case manager as a leader in the collection and allocation of the Card.
– Implementation of affirmative action in the geriatric and socio and helth field
Implementation cost
“Card + CARE” inssuance” (150.000 cards)
Design and implementation of web application
Web Application support
Nursing training to implement the services
Communication Plan with Managers and different professionals involved
Total cost: 157.200 euros** Facilities to rest and others needs at hospitals are not included in this document
Method used to measure the results
To measure results METHOD:
SSPA Information Systems (Diabaco).
Audits to health centres to check the measures implemented.
Surveys of user satisfaction
In Andalucia there are 65,675 carers in Great dependents. 9803 men and 55,872 women.
Analysis of the results
In all SSPA centers have implemented affirmative action to carers: stop shop for managing appointments, preferential treatment, accompanying the patient circuit …..
Caregiver at hospitals: Facilities to rest and others needs such as: food, hygiene
Implementation barriers
Did you find implementation barriers?
Please describe implementation barriers
– Deficiencies in physical structures, primarily in Hospital, to promote the single and the rest areas of the caregiver.
Describe the strategies used to overcome the barriers (If needed)
– Involvement of Managers and Outreach Campaign to professionals
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Caregivers, because of the situation of the people who care and care requirements, are in a special overload situation.
For them, The Card “+ Care” Programme starts and this card was assigned according to criteria of patient dependency and overload situation of the caregiver, .The caregiver cardholder may receive a number of positive measures, in areas related to differential access to professionals and management procedures, with greater accessibility and agility. Such as: Preferential access to consultations, and generally to all health center services. The “+ Care Card” service promotes the unique act in administrative management, or supply of materials necessary for the care, improve health care at home, and also other measures are established in case of hospitalizationAs well as a set of interventions that are conducted specifically from health centres professionals with these people who care. The activities or interventions are related to their own care “bio-psycho-social health” (Ex: workshops for their own care and psycho load decrease, offer rehabilitation and physiotherapy…) and care of the person in their charge.

These measures are implemented at both, in community care (Primary Care health center) and in the hospital setting