78-606 / The Italian National Observatory on Good Practices for Patient Safety

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The National Observatory collect and foster the implementation of good practices in all health care services and locations in Italy.
The overall objective of the Observatory is to improve patient safety through a cyclic model for collecting, classifying, disseminating and transferring patient improvement experiences. A web-based archive has been created for sharing good practices within a community network of professionals and organizations with the aim of exchanging experiences and knowhow
Regions, Professionals, Health Organizations, Citizens
The methodological approach is based on the following steps:
Identification and Collection of the experiences, classification, dissemination and transferring of the safe practices.
In order to promote Regional monitoring and interregional transferring of the good practices, a bottom up action is being carried out based on Regional/interregional workshops.
Timeframe implementation
12 months (if based on institutional mandate, as in the experience herein reported )
Implementation tools available
An annual call for good practices launched by Agenas addressed to Regions, Healthcare organizations and professionals
A (web) form for the SCP description based on the SQUIRE guidelines (www.squire-statement.org)
A computer-based tool (included in SCP description form) for supporting professionals in calculating the costs of the practice implementation
A web system for good practices submission and collecton
A web searchable database available on Agenas website. The practices’ descriptions are searchable by Title; Region; Kind of intervention (e.g., data collection, patient involvement); Adverse Event; Range of cost. Peer review program and inter-regional workshops for promoting safe practices transferring
Implementation cost
For the system set up: 1 public official full time for 12 months, 1 public official (manager) part time for 12 months, 1 computer expert full time for 6 months. Total about € 30.000
For the annual call for good practice: 1 assistant part time for 5 months; 1 computer expert part time for 3 months: Total about € 15.000
For dissemination activities About € 50.000 (in 4 years)
Method used to measure the results
N° of Regions participating in the call for good practices
N° of total submitted practices
N° of submitted practices for Region
N° of submitted safe practices (based on Agenas classification)
N° of submitted potential safe practices (based on Agenas classification)
N° of submitted initiative (based on Agenas classification)
N° of health care organizations participating in the call for good practice
N° of professionals participating in the call for good practice
N° of access at the Observatory web pages
N° of transferred safe practices
Active participation of all the Italian Regions (21/21)
1549 experiences submitted
(2008-2012) of which:250 healthcare organizations and 430 professionals registered in the system (only in the period 2010 -2012)
12.148 people visited the Observatory web page (in the period June 30th 2010- May 31th 2012)
Since 2010, a field for writing an abstract for citizens has been added to the reporting form. The abstract is aimed at communicating with non-professionals, in a way that is understandable, the meaning of the improvement intervention, thus establishing conditions of trust and transparency.
Analysis of the results
Since 2008 an average of 300 a year are reported to the Observatory
Most practices have been submitted by Local Health Units (40%) and by Public Hospital (25%)
About 40% of the submitted practices concerns “change planning and implementation”; 24% of the practices refers to “Tools for measurement and data gathering”; 4% falls in “Patient feedback tools”; 21% are “Multi-method tools”; (21% falls in the “Other” category) 1,000 visits to the Observatory website (on average) per month with a peak of about 3,000 visits in the months from October to November (in correspondence with the Italian National Conference on Patient Safety)
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The experience started in 2008 based on a State –Regions Agreement by which the Italian National model of governance of patient safety was settled. The Ministry of Health supported the Observatory by financing the system set and start up.
The Observatory on good practice for patient safety has been designed and implemented to be:
a strategy for continuous improvement of quality and safety of care (by promoting transfer of safe practices)
a regional and national web archive of patient safety improvement interventions
a network of health professionals who share knowledge and experiences
a tool that facilitates transfer of experience
a source of information for the citizen
It has been designed and implemented on principles and tools shared among Agenas, Ministry of Health, Regions, Health Organizations, Professionals (who are periodically asked to give their feedback)