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Galician Health Service


Patient involvement

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Set forth in the Galician Health Service. Made up of all patient organizations in the region who were willing to participate.
The Patient Advisory Council’s goal is to help improve patient safety and acts as a structure for increasing quality in health services, by encouraging participation and offering patients the necessary information in order to make their own decisions.
Founding members: Director of the Galician Health Service,
Director of Health Care
Director of Public Health and Innovation
Director of the Galician School in Health Administration
Director of the Galician School in Public Health for Citizens
Members: representatives of 72 Galician patient organizations
It meets twice a year and its objective is to move forward in patient safety; increase quality in health services by means of encouraging involvement and offering patients the necessary information in order that they may make their own decisions.
Timeframe implementation
Three months
Implementation tools available
This council was created by means of a decree from the Galician Health Service. (Decree 60/2010 of 26 January).
Implementation cost
Cost of sign language interpreters present in the meetings.
Method used to measure the results
–    The results are evaluated according to the number of meetings held, members who attended and proposals which were established.
–    The patient organizations’ involvement in work groups and activities of the Galician School in Public Health for Citizens.
Meetings held: 4 Proposals: 257 formative activities
They are trained as trainers and then participate as teachers in workshops aimed at chronic patients.
They validate patient satisfaction surveys.
They validate surveys based on learning needs.
They participate in SERGAS Quality and Safety Congress and as speakers in the Galician Congress on Pain and others.
They designate members who will represent patient organizations in the Galician Commission on the Strategy Against Pain.
Analysis of the results
Patient involvement in formative activities, providing information on care and self-care, was evaluated with an average score of 8.8, on a scale from 1-10. Other regions have requested information on the Patient Advisory Council and as far as we know, some of these regions are constituting similar councils.
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Duties of the Patient Advisory Council:
•    Advise on formative needs of patient organizations.
•    Advise on the Galician School in Public Health’s programs and propose new activities.
•    Participate in the School’s formative programs and in forums.
•    Review and advise on material, documents and audiovisual instruments having to do with the Galician School in Public Health for Citizens and aimed at patients. .
•    Review and advise the Galician Health Service on information guides aimed at patients.
•    Advise on existing information about patient safety.
•    Participate in programs, discussion groups and work groups in order to improve care guides for chronic patients.
•    Participate in new hospital staff admittance programs in order to inform them on their needs and expectations.
•    Advise on the design of new hospitals and primary care centers in order to improve accessibility.