70-606 / Professional Training on Quality and Patient Safety

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Italian Ministry of Health


Professional learning program on quality and safety
Education in Patient Safety
Patient safety culture / Patient safety climate
GOP Description
Implementation level
Clinical settings
All heath care professionals of the National Health Care Service working in all clinical settings
Give all the health care professionals e-learning courses in order to provide them with tools and methodology to address and improve quality and patient safety. These courses are free of charge and accredited.
All healthcare workers
For these courses different kinds of methodologies are used such as: e-learning and traditional classroom training. These courses are provided by the Ministry of Health (MoH) in partnership with professional organizations of medical doctors, pharmacists and nurses.
Timeframe implementation
Each course lasts one year. We have organized 10 courses since 2008; some are finished and others are still ongoing.
Implementation tools available
The implementation tools are: specific handbooks for each course, the web platform, satisfaction questionnaires and evaluation questionnaires.
Implementation cost
These courses are free of charge for users. For the Organization (MoH), the cost is about 600,000 Euro for all courses.
Method used to measure the results
The criteria used to measure the results include the number of professionals passing the final test and the number of training credits provided.
We obtained important feedback from all heath care professionals. About 400.000 people passed and about 5 million CME credits were provided.
Analysis of the results
We have a data base which allows us to define and distinguish how many medical doctors, pharmacists and nurses, participated, and distinguish them also by their province of origin, age, gender and type of health care facility they work in.
This data base also allows us to analyze the strengths and weaknesses for each course.
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