64-579 / “Support to Initiatives on Quality Improvement” Program

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Servicio Aragonés de Salud (SALUD)
Aragón Healthcare Service


Quality improvement project
Program on quality and safety
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Since 2000 the Program has encouraged the participation of SALUD professionals from all healthcare settings (primary healthcare teams, general hospitals, mental health, long term care…)
-To promote quality improvement activities in SALUD
-To facilitate the exchange of experiences
-To create a sustainable structure that bolsters the development of new quality improvement initiatives
-To favour the promotion of new quality improvement methodologies and knowledge in SALUD
Patients and professionals from Aragón Healthcare System
For guidance only, once three annual calls have been carried out with satisfactory results, the program is considered to be implemented
Timeframe implementation
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Implementation tools available
Internal dissemination channels
Specific support for administrative procedures
Annual Programmes publication
On-line template for project submission
Implementation cost
-Time dedicated to proposals organization and selection
-Project funding can change depending on the annual budget, but in our experience this factor has not been essential for the success of the implementation
Method used to measure the results
Annual evaluation of the number of projects received, healthcare area they refer to, geographical origin….
Specific studies performed in 2007 and 2012
In the period 200-2011 2,235 projects were selected: 80% related to assistance, 20% related to management/organization/administration
Main issues:
-ISO quality management systems
-Evidence based guidelines, protocols, procedures…
-Organisational/administrative processes
-Patient Safety
-Patient & family information/communication
-Healthcare coordination, handover
-Professionals training
-Chronic diseases
Healthcare professionals appreciate the program. More than 75% consider the results of their projects have been highly positive. Improvements they have put forward:
-To guarantee the funding allocated
-To strengthen the support of the quality coordination team
-To introduce new incentives to motivate the professionals
Analysis of the results
The Support Program is highly appreciated by healthcare professionals and has become a good tool to establish a “quality culture” in the organization. Nonetheless it is necessary to improve the evaluation of the results achieved by the projects developed.
Implementation barriers
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Our rigid administrative procedures for funding management
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Budget management decentralization to Healthcare Areas
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