55-459 / Development of an e-learning training program in patient safety

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Semmelweis University Health Services Management Training Centre


Professional learning program on quality and safety
Professional learning program on quality and safety
Education in Patient Safety
GOP Description
Implementation level
Clinical settings
Hospitals, ambulatory care settings
The participants should be able to recognise and manage the risks occurring during healthcare. They should know and apply the known best practices to improve patient safety and be familiar with the proper way of handling the occurred patient safety incidents and be able to draw the conclusions of them
Front-line physicians and other healthcare workers, quality managers and their colleagues
Graduate students in the field of healthcare
Hospital workers, physicians, nurses, pharmacists participating in training programs
Structure of the e-learning program
The e-learning program contains 9 modules, each with 5-10 lessons. Each lesson takes 60 minutes to complete; the necessary time to finish a module is between 10 and 15 hours. At the end of every lesson there are exercises and self-check questions to help learning and understanding. To complete a module, students must write a test which covers all topics in the specific module. It is required to answer 85% of the questions correctly.
Learning process:
The lessons follow each other sequentially, it is possible to navigate backwards, but in order to unlock the next module students must complete the end of module test successfully.
–    Slideshows, with detailed explanations and recommended literature. If possible, hyperlinks were inserted to reach the articles more easily.
–    A constantly available glossary
–    For each person who is interested in completing the training, we offer individual registration, with which they are allowed to read the lectures and complete the exercises and end of module tests.
–    In order to unlock a new module, students must finish the previous one successfully.
The WHO patient safety curriculum guide multi-professional edition was used during development.
Timeframe implementation
1 year
Implementation tools available
•    Complete course material available on e-learning platform (open access)
•    on-line test exams
Implementation cost
Software-ready version: 3.000.000 HUF (90 hrs)
3 experts days/lesson,
designing: 2 hours/lesson
Method used to measure the results
Number of participants/ successful exams
83 registered participants
Successful exams
Used for the training for the standard developers in the Hungarian accreditaion program
Analysis of the results
The training of the standard developers have been completed, therefore the e-learning project is proved to be useful.
Implementation barriers
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The e learning course is in Hunagarian.
Describe the strategies used to overcome the barriers (If needed)
translating the material to English
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