53-371 / Development of guidelines for clinical practice and clinical management

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Spanish Society of Healthcare QualityContact: Pilar Astier [email protected]


Clinical guidelines or pathways
Implementation of Patient Safety initiatives / Activities
Implementation of Patient Safety initiatives / Activities
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To provide the methodology and healthcare quality tools during the design of clinical practice guidelines, healthcare processes and indicators of therapeutic evaluation from other scientific societies that work in the healthcare area.
Scientific societies working in healthcare
Three specific areas of work:
1.Collaboration on the methodology of design and evaluation of the care process for patients with melanoma. In cooperation with the Spanish interdisciplinary melanoma group.
2.Collaboration on the methodology of design and evaluation of indicators of pharmaceutical care for HIV patients. In cooperation with the Spanish Society of Hospital Pharmacy and the GeSIDA group from the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine
3.Development of a set of indicators of clinical effectiveness for Primary and Specialized Healthcare
Timeframe implementation
Each project has taken around one year since the signature of the agreement until the final monograph publication
Implementation tools available
Professionals from SECA offer their knowledge on the use of quality of care methodology to professionals from other Clinical Scientific Societies. Quality methods to use for each guideline are agreed in the first work group meeting. Each proyect has its own methodology considering the issue, the objectives, and results to be obtained.
Implementation cost
Each project is sponsored by an institution that establishes the funding available. Human resources and time allocated are adjusted to it and so is the scope of the recommendations.
Method used to measure the results
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These are the outcomes of the process:
1.To verify the execution of the agreement
2.To publish a monograph and to disseminate it to the members and professionals related to the healthcare area dealt with.

Analysis of the results
There are different levels of results:
– The guideline document which is printed and distributed to all members of both societies as well as published in the societies’ web pages.
– The opinion of members to whom the guideline is oriented
– The assessment of the use of the clinical guideline in practice.Three guidelines have been produced and distributed and their links are available in additional information section.We have not received a feed back from dermatology and oncology societies neither pharmacology.

More time is needed to assess the use of the clinical guideline in practice

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Skin cancer patients’ expectations: http://www.calidadasistencial.es/images/gestion/biblioteca/348.pdf

Care process for skin cancer patients:

Indicators of pharmacotherapy in HIV patients: http://www.calidadasistencial.es/images/gestion/biblioteca/349.pdf

The document on indicators of clinical effectiveness for Primary and Specialized Healthcare is under development. It has been elaborated by expert consensus during the V SECA Meeting of Primary and Specialized Healthcare Quality Coordinators, held on May 23rd 2012 in Zaragoza.