45-275 / National Health System Training Program on Patient Safety

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Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality (MSSSI)


Professional learning program on quality and safety
Patient safety system

GOP Description
Implementation level
Clinical settings
Specialized and Primary Healthcare, Health Regions Patient Safety central services
-To promote culture and knowledge in patient safety in the National Health System
-To prevent, detect, analyze and minimize adverse events
-To disseminate evidence and safe clinical practices
Clinicians, local and regional quality and risk management teams, healthcare services managers
-Multifaceted approach: face-to-face sessions and workshops; on-line courses (supervised and self-guided) and tutorials; on-line multimedia resources
-Contents: epidemiology and adverse events prevention; risk management; evidence based medicine; communication and effective team work; safe practices
-Different levels: basic courses (at regional level and national level: risk management tools and patient safety basic concepts); on-line risk management courses; master degree; specific courses (hand hygiene, BZ (CLABSI prevention bundle), NZ (VAP prevention bundle), report and learning system (SiNASP) users and managers)
-Specific funding to HR for basic courses and MSSSI development of more specialized courses oriented to training of risk managers and multiplicators
-On-line resources and tools can be used by HR for their own training programs implementation
Timeframe implementation
Gradual implementation: basic courses (from 2005); risk management courses (from 2006); master degree (from 2007)
Implementation tools available
-Tutorials (Basic PS concepts; risk management tools; Hand-hygiene; medication safety): http://www.seguridaddelpaciente.es/index.php/formacion/tutoriales.html?phpMyAdmin=mvRY-xVABNPM34i7Fnm%2C23Wrlq5
-On-line resources on EBM: http://www.seguridaddelpaciente.es/index.php/lang-es/formacion/recursos-en-linea.html
-Risk management projects database: http://www.seguridaddelpaciente.es/index.php/formacion/proyectos-seguridad-paciente.html?phpMyAdmin=mvRY-xVABNPM34i7Fnm%2C23Wrlq5
Implementation cost
Online risk managements courses (Platform, 23 editions, projects database):635,000 €
Master (5 editions): 598,000 €
Method used to measure the results
Number of professionals trained
Number of editions
-Master in Patient Safety (2007-2012): 4 editions, 120 professionals (68% MD; 23% Nur; 9% Others); 120 final projects; high satisfaction
-Risk management (on-line course 2006-2011)): 20 editions (18 Spain/PAHO/WHO and 2 EUNETPAS); 1,081 professionals; 300 projects; High satisfaction
-Hand hygiene: 101 multiplicators trained in 2009-2010 and 9,400 professionals have completed the on-line tutorial provided by the MSSSI in the last 14 months. Data from regional and local training is not available
-BZ: >17,000 professionals trained in 2009-2011 (10% MD, 57% N, 30% NA, 3% others)
-NZ: 7.910 professionals in 2011 (11% MD, 60% N, 28% NA,1% others)
Analysis of the results
-The Teaching programme facilitates continuous learning in PS and provides trained leaders (managers and clinicians) in all HR with the capability to promote safe clinical practices and PS strategies at local and regional level
-The methodology facilitates the high participation and involvement in PS strategy
-The programme depends on policy determination and funding allocation
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All information and resources can be found in: http://www.seguridaddelpaciente.es/