44-394 / Development and Implementation of Integrated Care Pathways

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Nicosia General Hospital


Clinical guidelines or pathways
Implementation of Patient Safety initiatives / Activities
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Several Clinics/ Departments of Nicosia General Hospital. Will be rolled out to the other hospitals soon
-enhance communication between Health Care Workers and patients
-set treatment goals, schedule diagnostic tests at the time of admission
-schedule a detailed discharge program
-avoid mistakes
-facilitate teaching and training of new personnel
-cost efficiency of health care delivery
-ensure application of evidence based medicine by all
Our target is to map 60% of all patient admissions with integrated care pathways
A team consisting of doctors nurses and members of the board of the hospital has been established and trained.

Data were retrieved from the IT system of the hospital, using ICD-10 coding, to find the top diagnosis for hospital admissions across all departments of the hospital.
Before developing a pathway the routine of the department is reviewed and compared to evidence based medicine. Then a discussion is carried out between the team members and head doctors and nurses of the department. A draft pathway is developed and piloted on the ward for a week.
Then the final pathway is developed.The pathway incorporates a detailed plan for the patient including diagnostic tests, blood tests, medication, nutrition, nurses, anaesthetists, physiotherapy and other interventions, temperature and blood pressure charts, fluid intake and output, nurses and doctors reports.The care pathway finally is put in the patient’s records.

Timeframe implementation
It is an ongoing procedure
Implementation tools available
Power point presentation and education material available
Implementation cost
Salary of a nurse
Method used to measure the results
A booklet including information on clinical skills and competences is given to all newcomers
Self assessment questionnaires are given to the HCW before and after training, and areas for improvement are identified
the results are measured through the annual reports regarding
-decubitus ulcers
-patient falls
-VAP etc
we are currently collecting data
Analysis of the results
we are currently working on the results
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