36-275 / GUIASALUD. Clinical Guidelines Program for the Spanish National Health System

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Instituto Aragonés de Ciencias de la Salud


Clinical guidelines or pathways

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Clinical settings
The whole healthcare system, all organizations
GuíaSalud Project was set up in 2003 by the NHS Inter_Territorial Board. Objectives:
-To promote the development, adaptation or update of clinical guidelines (CGL) based on the best available scientific evidence, using a homogeneus and contrasted methodology.
-To spread the clinical guidelines in the NHS
Regional Health Services
Healthcare professionals
CGL development includes 3 different processes:
1.CGL elaboration:
-Define the questions
-Establish explicit and systematic criteria to evaluate scientific evidence
-Formulate recommendations according to the level of evidence, taking into account also other aspects that must be considered
-List the recommendations in a stepwise fashion, clearly distinguishing those based on scientific evidence from those founded by experts’ consensus.
2.CGL update
Update begins when new evidence is found through monitoring or when the deadline determined for update is over. Then update process steps begin (bibliographic search, critical reading, synthesis of evidence, elaboration of recommendations, CGL edition).
3.CGL implementation includes:
-Premises for CGL implementation
-The relevance of context for CGL implementation
-Identification of barriers and facilitators
-CGL implementation strategies. How to facilitate change
-Implementation evaluation
Timeframe implementation
When the deveploment of the quidelines was started? What is the goal with the timeline? How long it takes to develop guidance for all the most important areas of care?
Implementation tools available
Is there any actual initiatives to implement the guidelines into practice? Who has the responsibility for that?
Implementation cost
The program has an annual budget. In 2012 the budget was 750.000 €
Method used to measure the results
How the guidance is used in practice? –> measurement of the implementation degree

How do you make sure that the guidelines come into practice?

Ansver the questions above.
Analysis of the results
This program allows designing, implementing and evaluating clinical guidelines according to common criteria recommended at international level
It provides a very useful Web page that includes tools to help in the design, implementation and evaluation of the clinical guidelines, a list of clinical guidelines for professionals and patients, specific courses as well as links related to evidence based medicine.
GUIASALUD is a powerful tool that helps professionals and patients in clinical decision making
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