3-257 / Quality Delivery Plan for Wales

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Quality indicators
Quality management system
Carrying out Patient Safety campaigns
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Clinical settings
NCPs corrections: The whole NHS Wales, in all clinical settings
NCPs corrections: To provide the highest possible quality and excellent experience, to improve health outcomes and helping reduce inequalities and to get high value services.
NHS Wales organisations
Improve the quality of care by:
improving patient and user exprience;
meeting the care needs of Welsh speakers;
providing clinically effective care through the use of findings from National Clinical Ausdits and Clinical Outcome Review Programmes and research and innovation;
using new technologies to improve access and quality of care;
securing system-wide, sustainable qualtiy and safety improvement through the use of the 1000 Lives Plus quality improvement methodology;
strategic oversight and direction provided by the National Quality and Safety Forum.
Timeframe implementation
The Quality Delivery Plan is a five year plan to develop the vision for NHS Wales in ‘Together for Health’. See website:
Implementation tools available
Quality and Outcomes Framework
Clinical Governance self assessment tool for GP practices;
Delivery plans for cancer, cardiac, diabetes, stroke, mental health, primary and community and unscheduled care;
Plans to include population outcome indicators;
a key set of metrics for routine monitoring;
Implementation cost
The plan builds on the foundations of Doing Well, Doing Better – Standards for Health Serivces in Wales, the 1000 Lives Campaign and Programme, Putting Things Right and the Annual Quality Framework.

Implementation costs are not expected to feature.

Method used to measure the results
NCPs corrections: Population outcome indicators, performance measures, quality performance measures
2012/12 is a transition year as the new approach is introduced. Results not available yet.
Analysis of the results
Results not available.
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