209-1258 / Patients’ Awareness Campaign: “Help us to care for your safety”

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Osakidetza (Servicio Vasco de salud/Basque health System)
Osakidetza is the public healthcare system of the Basque Country, a region located in the north of Spain. Osakidetza includes both public hospitals and primary care centers.


Patient involvement
Patient involvement
Implementation of Patient Safety initiatives / Activities
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Implementation level
Clinical settings
This awareness campaign has been reported trough different channels trying to reach all the places where patients contact with the healthcare system (administrative areas and medical offices in primary care centers, different locations insite hospitals, emergency areas,…)
And moreover, we had settled posters on the buildings facades
I. Inform patients about basic conceps in the field of patient safety
II. Involve patients to participate actively during clinical process for improve their own safety
II. Improve patient safety culture in our healthcare system
Osakidetza has a target population of more than 2 million inhabitants. And more than 30.000 professionals work for Osakidetza. Professionals have also received information about this campaign, of course.
I. Desing the contents of the campaign for educate patients: five clear and simple patient safety´s specific concepts
II. Disseminate through different channels: brochures, posters, internet, regional newspapers,…
III. Set up monitoring and evaluation indicators
Timeframe implementation
We consider a timeframe of three months for a complet dissemination of the awareness campaign to the citizens (general population) and a timeframe of six months to efectively communication to most patients (during their contacts with the heath differents sectors)
Implementation tools available
We have different types of information brouchures with the five main messages:
– Identify yourself
– If allergies, let us know
– Be aware of your treatment
– If doubts, ask
– Check whatever you are given is really yours
Implementation cost
Desing and layout: 2.117,50 €
Printing materials: 1.574,84 €
Total: 3.695,34 €
(the distribution and placement of the materials has not led additional cost)
Method used to measure the results
We are going to measure the results using the following indicators:
– preparation and print of brouchures (realizated)
– campaign disclosure provided in different places (% of organizations that have disseminated brouchures)
– measuring the scope of the campaign (% of patients who know it)
– determining the validity of teh campaign (questionary of patients perception about the campaign)
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Pending realization
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