208-1216 / Implementation of Productive Ward Releasing Time to Care TM in acute Services in Ireland

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Office of the Nursing and Midwifery Directorate HSE


Quality improvement project

GOP Description
Implementation level
Clinical settings
Predominantly in the Acute hospital setting in Ireland.
Implemented in 45 sites across HSE South, HSE West, HSE Dublin North East, HSE Dublin Mid Leinster.
Productive Ward TM aims to equip ward leaders and teams with structured methods designed to improve the ward environment systems and processes to enable nurses to work more efficiently by reviewing processes and practices, thus releasing more time to spend on direct patient care.
Service users within the broad range of acute hospital settings
The Productive Ward TM utilises some of the principles and tools of Lean or Lean thinking. Using some Lean improvement techniques, intrinsic motivators of social movement and front line engagement theories of large scale change, Productive Ward TM encourages nurses to look at how their ward is organised and to make improvements that will release time to care.
Timeframe implementation
Productive Ward TM is a long term quality improvement initiative which requires a minimum 18 months for implementation and at least 3 years for sustainability.
Implementation tools available
NHS websites plus Productive Ward TM modules and toolkit:
– Knowing How We Are Doing
– Patient Status at a Glance
– Well Organised Ward
– Meals
– Medicines
– Admissions and Planned Discharge
– Shift Handovers
– Patient Hygiene
– Patient Observations
– Nursing Procedures
– Ward Rounds
Implementation cost
Approx €50 per bed licence – tool kit and staff education
Financial and human resource costs:
Area Coordinator x2 days per week x24months
Project Lead x1 day per week
Team Lead x1-2days per week
Local cost of implementation – purchase of white board, markers, magnets for set up
Changes to ward/clinic environment
Method used to measure the results
Individual wards/departments;
Activity Follow tool used locally to determine time to care
Evaluation on Staff Engagement
Evaluation of impact on Person CentrednessThe impact of a large-scale quality improvement programme on work engagement: Preliminary results from a national cross-sectional-survey of the ‘Productive Ward’ (See attachment).
‘The findings demonstrate how QI activities, like those integral to the Productive Ward programme, appear to positively impact on the work engagement (the vigour, absorption and dedication) of ward-based teams. The use and suitability of the UWES as an appropriate measure of ‘engagement’ in QI interventions was confirmed. The engagement of nurses and front-line clinical teams is a major component of creating, developing and sustaining a culture of improvement.’ (White, Wells & Butterworth, 2014).
Analysis of the results
Results obtained from sites depend on modules implemented and on stage of programme implementation.
Implementation barriers
Did you find implementation barriers?
Please describe implementation barriers
Staff engagement
Team leadership
Executive Team buy in
Cultural shift required to implement changes to services
Time commitment required for implementation
Describe the strategies used to overcome the barriers (If needed)
Designation of Productive Ward TM as standalone Programme to National Clinical Programme
High level National Advisory Group to steer the project nationally
National Implementation Group to coordinate regional and local implementation strategy
Regional Area Coordinators to liaise with, facilitate and support staff at local level
Workshops to teach and engage staff
Regional Master classes for senior/corporate management
Development and audit of monthly KPI’s – completed by each site and submitted to national database
Development of IQX Hub – information portal for sites engaged with or interested in engaging with Productive Ward TM
Funding for Productive Ward TM Licences for organisations from ONMSD
Other information
Other information about the GOP that you would like to add (Link or attached document)
This QI initiative worked extremely as ward based QI methodology in sites where there was commitment at all levels of service to implementation.
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