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Join the first international healthcare competition: GetUpGetBetter™. This competition is about winning – together; it is about raising the standards of healthcare worldwide. By competing with each other in a friendly way, professionals, public and patients will help to improve the quality of healthcare within their organization, region, or country.
Healthcare Organizations, healthcare professionals and patients.
Five themes define the competitions: knowledge, participation, communication, human dignity and tactics & skills.

The themes for the competition are significant and straightforward. By focusing on knowledge, participation, communication, human dignity and skills & tactics, universal core values are brought together. The multitude of competitions in the spirit of GetUpGetBetter help improve the quality of healthcare worldwide.


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Depending on the specific competition.
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This international healthcare quality competition started in 2014. Based on the values and format of the Olympic Games, GUGB aims to create an international arena for healthcare workers to challenge each other on improving the quality of care. Knowledge, participation, communication, human dignity and tactics & skills are core aspects in GUGB. GUGB is about celebrating success and progress. The approach to each competition rests on 3 values: curiosity, cooperation and clarity.
Competitions are based on simple rules and easy to set up by one healthcare competitor or a group of healthcare organizations that are willing to compare achievements at national and international level. By creating friendly competitions, GUGB increases the speed and spread of quality improvements, so more patients benefit.
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Via the participants and the GUGB team.
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The first competitions will be launched in January 2015. Please follow Get Up Get Better at international conferences, via social media @GetUpGetBetter and contact the us for more information and support to set up a competition.