171-856 / Spanish Network of Health Schools for Citizens

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Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, Spain


Patient involvement
Patient empowerment
Patient education
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Clinical settings
The GOP is aimed at patients and carers mainly those dealing with chronicity. Thus, it involves all clinical settings.
To cooperate, share and promote experiences, training contents and programs to facilitate the development of skills aimed to encourage co-responsibility of citizens in their self-care and self-management.
To provide a benchmark space on the need to progress towards the empowerment of patients and carers and the patient centered care.
Citizens, patients and carers training for health promotion and disease prevention and selfcare.
Patient involvement in selfcare is essential to achieve a patient centered care.
Empowered patients are more capable to play a more active role in healthcare decision making. This includes support to carers providing training in selfcare and psychosocial support.
1.Contact from Ministry with regional initiatives that are involved in patients and carers training in different ways. At first this entities are:
•Escuela Andaluza de pacientes
•Escuela Gallega de Salud para ciudadanos
•Programa Paciente Experto Catalunya.
•Biblioteca Josep Laporte
•Fundación para la formación y la investigación sanitaria de la Región de Murcia
•Programa paciente Experto Osakidetza
•Red Ciudadana de Formadores2.Development of technical work in order to set the strategical vision of this project, objectives, target population, and organizational structure (steering committee, institutional committee and technical secretariat). To date the following documents has been developed: Base document of the network, internal regulation, code of ethics. It also has been identified the following lines of activity in this field:
•Health literacy.
•Patient decision aids.
•Self-care and self-management.
•Health 2.0.3.Establishment of the network approved by the Interterritorial Council of National Health System in 2012. The added value is to identify expertise in the area of selfcare and empowerment of patients and carers and to integrate them on a networking process.

4.Constitution of the Steering Committee. Patients are involved in this committe

5.Constitution of the Institutional Committee in which are represented the autonomous communities that are the health authorities in its regions.

Timeframe implementation
The project began in June 2012. For the moment, the description and the structure of this network have been established and the collaborations have been made as scheduled. The next step will be the implementation of the platform web during the first half of 2014
Implementation tools available
1.Design of a web platform collecting the information and training resources and materials aimed to patients and carers. In this process special interest has been taken in user centered design.

2.Development of procedure for incorporating new members into the network and the procedure for the reception and evaluation of the materials and resources to be included on the web.

3.Colaboration with patient associations in a participative manner. For example it has been developed a process of identification of needs and expectations of patients and carers in the field of health literacy and empowerment through semistructured interviews.

Implementation cost
This project is intended to identify and share experiences and resources related with information/capacitation of patients and carers that are ongoing and have results. Its strength is cooperation and establishment of sinergies between the initiatives involved in order to achieve a common objective: to empower patients and carers and improve their quality of life. The coordination of work do not require a specific budget. The design, management and maintenance of website will require a specific cost to be defined.
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The current stage of development does not allow an analysis of results
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