169-1042 / Patient oriented guidelines for the administration and care of enteral nutrition through nasogastric tube

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Senpe:Spanish Society of Parenteral and Enteral


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To provide a guide for pediatric patients with enteral nutrition and relatives and health care professionals
Pediatric patients with enteral nutrition and relatives and health care professionals
The Group of standardization and protocols of the Spanish Society of Parenteral and Enteral
Nutrition (SENPE) started up the development of a guide to clinical practice of Pediatrics enteral nutrition. After determining the aspects that the document should include, members of the different professions involved were included in the Group. The components of groups after conducting an exhaustive review of the literature and taking into account its own practice, drafted a document that was submitted to the consideration of the rest of the group to the drafting of a consensus text. Put special attention to make it record of the evidence when they existed. Later they referred to a multidisciplinary group of reviewers, discussed by the group or not to incorporate new suggestions and requested the support of the Spanish society of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Pediatric nutrition (SEGHNP), of the Spanish society of Pediatric Surgery and of the Spanish society of pediatric nursing.
The document is a use and care manual for enteral nutrition aimed at parents and patients (also for staff) through each of the respective devices. It is based on the document’s Hospital nutrition and especially in the chapter on care. We adapted the text to be easily understandable and it was later illustrated to facilitate understanding.In the text we are initially working 2 people and then reviewed by the other authors and a linguist of the sponsors.Disclosure of material have been hanging the document in digital format on the web of SENPE and SEGHNP and spreading it in the version paper by lab sponsored issue between gastroenterologists pediatricians and other professional. A digital version of the SENPE page has been enabled a link to fill by persons who have agreed to it
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6 mo
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Printed and electronic material that can be downloaded from SENPE website
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We designed a survey to ask people who are unloading the document, but it has had little success: we have only received 5 surveys.

To evaluate it, we could design a little survey for parents and staff of the hospitals until they know the documents and evaluate them at 6 months but we didn’t yet

Not available
Analysis of the results
Not yet available.
Yet we don’t have evaluated this survey. In addition it is recommended to all parents of children with home enteral nutrition: these, verbally, inform us about the usefulness of the guidelines. The document has been endorsed by SENPE, AEP (Spanish Association of Paediatrics), SEGHNP (Spanish society of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Pediatric nutrition) and NADYA group.
In the future this document should be reviewed and updated periodically.
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