148-858 / Nationwide patient satisfaction survey in Slovakia

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Application of unified patient safety survey by patients who were discharged from Slovak hospitals
Patient discharged from different departments of Slovak hospitals
The elaboration of PS survey started with literature research to use proper questions regarding the quality of care. The development process contained several meetings of working groups which were leading to consensus on the basic set of questions. The questions were simple and oriented in the direction of different issues related to the quality of care, behavior of health care professionals and patient satisfaction with environment of the health care facilities. The questionnaire is focused on the hospital sector. The health insurance funds had the possibilities to add some own questions into the questionnaire too.
The great number of patients (some days after their discharge from hospitals) have been asked to fill out the questionnaire or were called up by responsible persons form health insurance funds
Timeframe implementation
one year
Implementation tools available
The patient were questened by 12 basic questions in following way:
How was the patients satisfied with the behavior of doctors,results of medical examination and behavior of nurses in the department?
There are other questions related to the quality of delivered care, accomodation, food, cleaning services, and some aspects of home treatment too.
The range of responses is the same for all questions. Policyholders have the 5 option to use of the following responses:
1 satisfied
2 more satisfied than dissatisfied
3 neither satisfied nor dissatisfied
4 more dissatisfied than satisfied
5 discontented
Implementation cost
The HIF have been implemented the survey using own resources. Implementation costs depends on:
1.     the amount of hospitalized patients who have been asked for cooperation
2.     and the costs of analyzed data from the survey summarization .
Method used to measure the results
The results of the surveys have been summarized by health insurance funds for evaluation of health care providers in every year. The results of survey from different hospital departments have been taken into consideration by health insurance funds during the contracting process of health care services (strategic purchasing of HCS) of Slovak hospitals .
The survey gives relevant information about the quality of care in Slovak hospitals for health insurance funds and other important stakeholders during last five years. The patient Nationwide patient satisfaction survey is very important information for improvement of the quality of health care in Slovak hospitals. The questionnaires are mainly concentrate on structural topics, but there is a place to add some innovative questions too. The feedback from patient is very important for HIF, hospital leaders and other important stakeholders. There are demands and interests to innovate the existing questionnaires.
Analysis of the results
The Patient satisfaction survey is a part of the National set of health care quality indicators of the hospitals. The hospitals have been evaluated every years. The data and results from the survey have been used by health insurance funds every years for evaluation of hospitals. In the future it is planned to implement and add more relevant questions in to the surveys. Long-term aim is to contribute to better patient satisfaction within our health system
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The health insurance funds ( 3 funds or subjects ) are responsible for executing this surveys in every year. The implementation process were elaborated by three health insurance funds
The question from patient satisfaction survey are available:
1 How was you satisfied with the behavior of doctors in the department?
2 How was you satisfied with information about the results of medical examinations and your illness by the doctor?
3 How was you satisfied with the behavior of nurses in the department?
4 How was you satisfied with provision of care by physicians in the department?
5 How was you satisfied with provision of care by nurses in the department?
6 How was you satisfied with quality of accommodation in the department?
7 How was you satisfied with the quality of the food in hospital?
8 How was you satisfied with the quality of the cleaning services in the department of hospital?
9 How was you satisfied the provision of healthcare?
10th How was you satisfied with information received from the doctor related to the home treatment?
11th How was you satisfied with information received from nurses related to the next home treatment?
12th How was you satisfied with improvement in your health (condition) after discharge from the hospital?