125-721 / Patient complaint legislation

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The patient complaint legislation health care field is a Dutch law that was implemented in 1995. The law contains the rights of patients and one aspect of this law is the complaining procedure for clients when they want to report a complaint about a health care institution.
all patients / representatives
This law describes the complaint procedures and in particular the rights of patients when they have a complaint and the procedures that need to be followed by the health care institution and health care inspectorate.
Timeframe implementation
The law was implemented in 1995 for all health care organizations.
Implementation tools available
The contents of this law are publicly available.
Implementation cost
The implementation costs of this law are unknown to us.
Method used to measure the results
An evaluation study was carried out in 2012 mapping the current status of the implementation of the law, and suggestions for improvements of the law (NIVEL, 2012)
Every patient has the right to complain about health care services, and every health care institution must appoint a complaint coordinator.
Analysis of the results
The law has been evaluated and suggestions for improvement were made (NIVEL, 2012)
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