177-1083 / Analysis of incidences and prevalence of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases in eastern part of Croatia

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Medicay faculty Osijek, Croatia


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Clinical setting for this practice is at Medical faculty Osijek, Croatia.
In our patient surevey we will collect data of incidency and prevalency Inflammatory Bowel Diseases in eastern part of Croatia. The aim of survey is to find a better way to early diagnosis IBD in whole population in that area.
Population of eastern Croatia
Descriptive statistics (expressed with absolute numbers of patients and percentages) were used to analyse the presence/absence of symptoms and complications, depending on the type of diagnosis. Differences among the categories were assessed by using Fisher exact tests. The duration of the symptoms prior to the first medical check up (in months) was analysed by using the nonparametric Mann-Whitney U test. Distributions of phenotypes, particularly for UC and CD, were represented graphically, as columns of percentages. The extent of CD, according to the Montreal’s classification three stages per each of three categories: age at time of diagnosis, location and behaviour, was represented by using descriptive statistics (absolute numbers of patients and percentages), while differences among categories were analysed.
Timeframe implementation
Timeframe implementation is 5 years.
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Implementation tools used are statistical analyses and descriptive statistics.
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It is a salaray for two research asistant throw determined period
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Used methods are statistical analyses.
Significant results confirmed by statistic analyses.
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Analysis of the received data.
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