126-721 / Stepwise visitation

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Audit system
Peer review

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Clinical settings
total health care field
A visitation is a structured method to define opportunities for improvement. CBO developed a step wide plan for conducting visitations. Visitation focus on one discipline and the external peer review is carried out by colleagues from other institutions in the same discipline.
clinical, unidisciplinary teams in health care organziations
Visitation is udes widely in the selection and monitoring of speciallity medical training. However, external peer review has also been developed to focus on clinical practice, professional development and service quality. Visiting teams are mostly clinical and often unidiosciplinary. Standards tend to be derived implicitly from practice guidelines and personal experience. Reports are not available to the public (Shaw, 2000) CBO developed a model for visitationthat is used to guide the visitation process. And CBO offers training for visitation.
Timeframe implementation
Dependent upon the size of the organization and the status with respect to quality improvement methods
Implementation tools available
training by CBO
Implementation cost
Costs of training and time investement.
Method used to measure the results
Quality standards and the CBO model are used to measure the results, results of the visitation are written down in reports that are not publically available.
To improve clinical practice, professional development and service quality.
Analysis of the results
CBO model and Quality standards are used to guide the visitation.
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