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CBO is the reference institute, the benchmark in terms of quality of care. As an (inter)national centre for expertise and innovation in the field of quality of care in the Netherlands and Europe, CBO works with a wide range of strategies, taken from both healthcare and other sectors.


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The CBO provides access to their guidelines using the online tool DiliGuide (www.diliguide.nl). Difference with Wikipedia is that updating is performed by professionals who know their field well. Information is updated under the supervision of the scientific associations. E-learning modules are available.
professionals, patients and developers of medical guidelines
No method is provided, Diliguide is a platform on which guidelines can be searched for, but also can be updated by groups of professionals who are assigned this function.
Timeframe implementation
Diliguide was developed by CBO, implementation does not cost time for individual organizations or professioals, they can use the information that is provided by Diliguide right away.
Implementation tools available
Diliguide is a webbased platform, organizations or professionals need internet access only to search for guidelines.
When a professional or group is developing a guideline, an access code is required in order to access the guideline one is working on.
Implementation cost
No costs are involved to look up guidelines.

For CBO, costs are involved to keep the platform up to date.

Method used to measure the results
Results have not been analyzed.
Guidelines are readily available for large groups of professionals, but also for patients, free of charge.
Groups of professionals who have the tasks to update guidelines on a national level, use the platform to share ideas and versions of the guidelines.
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Results have not been analyzed.
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