118-659 / Patient Safety Toolbox Talks

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Health Service Executive – Dublin North East


Professional learning program on quality and safety
Education in Patient Safety
GOP Description
Implementation level
Clinical settings
This initiative is targeted at all clinical settings in both acute and community settings
To identify a practical solution relating to the delivery of patient safety messages within the workplace. To ensure that the solution could be embedded into daily work routine of staff.
This initiative is aimed at all staff working within clinical or care settings, acute and non-acute.
In developing this initiative relevant subject experts were invited to participate in the development of the talks. The subject experts submitted the talk content, a standardised format was applied and the talks were then returned to subject experts for sign-off.
Timeframe implementation
This initiative will be fully implemented regionally by mid 2013. There is interest in also implementing nationally.
Implementation tools available
Guidance, training PowerPoint and prompt cards for the safety talks.
Implementation cost
500 copies of the folders inclusive of talks and guidance have cost €11k. This includes 35 talks and it is intended to expand the number of talks in 2013.
Method used to measure the results
Piloted and evaluated using focus groups and a structured questionnaire.
Staff found the tool box talks provided sufficient information which was “clear” and presented in a “Step by Step” manner. The main finding was that it helped to reinforce and reminded staff of previous training they had received and it was not conflicting.
The managers found the design very good and visually well presented on the handout and that the layout was logical and easy to follow. The principles of safe and correct practice were clearly outlined and that it was easy to interpret the information to suit your target audience.
Analysis of the results
The evaluation showed that both staff and managers agreed there was a value in introducing this concept as it was a quick way of keeping staff up to date and appraised. It was noted that the talks were quick and the staff stated they could focus on the presentation without been duly concerned about what work was left which they would have to catch up on. The managers suggested it reinforced standards and could be used as a way of introducing new practices. They suggested that this also assisted to emphasize their role as a manager and leader.
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Toolbox talks are short, discussions or presentations (5-10 minutes) designed to be delivered in the work place i.e. at team meetings or huddles. They are designed to be capable of being delivered by line managers to their staff i.e. do not require a subject expert to deliver. They are generally focused on one specific topic which the talk addresses in simple terms. While it need not be about a safety topic, it is not uncommon for safety to be the topic. Toolbox Talks are aimed to provide the opportunity for a line manager to emphasize the importance of a particular patient safety issue or procedure within the workplace, and for staff to ask questions or make constructive comment.