117-634 / Patient questionnaire in dental practices

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British Dental Association

GOP Description
Implementation level
Clinical settings
Dental practices
Gauge patient experiences for the purpose of improvement of quality of service
Patients of dental practices
As part its accreditation scheme the BDA (British Dental Association) provides the dental practices with patient questionnaires in order to consider and evaluate general or specific areas of practice.

There are two general approaches to finding out what patients think about health services using surveys. There are questionnaires that focus on how satisfied patients are with their health services, and those that focus on the patient’s individual experience. Both types of model questionnaire are provided by BDA. They contain questions about different aspects of the practice. There is no need to include them all, each dental practice just picks out those that relate to the areas that they want to find out more about.

Timeframe implementation
Dental practices will set their own individual timeframes.
Implementation tools available
Two models of patient questionnaire:
-Model one: patient satisfaction questionnaire
– Model two: patient’s experience of a visit to the practiceIt’s not a mandatory or national questionnaire. It is something that organisations can do if they want to, as part of the accreditation scheme by the BDA (British Dental Association) This is optional and not mandatory.
Implementation cost
The BDA has no specific information on implementation costs. Each dental practice uses the questionnaire on its own way
Method used to measure the results
Evaluation of resulting patients’ feedback by dentist and practice team. The BDA has not been pulling together the questionnaires and analysing the results of them to pull out key themes.
Consideration of results will be individual to the dental practice depending on the survey used, and may lead to changes made in aspects of their practice.
Analysis of the results
This takes place at local level in individual dental practices. When good practice teams visit dental surgeries they will look to see that the questionnaires are being done etc, but they’re not actively analysing results or pulling out key themes
Implementation barriers
Did you find implementation barriers?
Please describe implementation barriers
One problem could be non-response from patients.
Describe the strategies used to overcome the barriers (If needed)
Sending reminders encouraging them to respond by a specific time.
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