116-699 / Program for Quality Assurance

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Austrian Dental Chamber


Quality indicators
Reporting and learning systems
Patient safety culture / Patient safety climate
GOP Description
Implementation level
Clinical settings
Dental offices in Austria
To evaluate the quality of dental care
Dentists established in Austria
1. Program defines various indicators concerning the quality of dental care.
2. Every single dental office has to evaluate their quality by using the indicators.
3. The results of the evaluation are controlled by the program via random inspections.
4. Certificates about positive evaluation are issued.
5. Reevaluation starts every 5 years using the same procedure.
Timeframe implementation
~ 18 month
Implementation tools available
1. Database has to be established.
2. Personnel for the inspections and for administration has to be trained.
3. Scientific input for the definitionof indicators has to be collected (and financed).
Implementation cost
~ € 180.000 for the circle of 5 years
Method used to measure the results
Analysis of the data base
~ 95% of dentists got certificates about positive quality evaluation
Analysis of the results
Quality of dental care was raised significantly especially concerning structure- and processquality
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