115-699 / Establishment of an Arbitration Body for Patients’ Complaints

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Austrian Dental Chamber


Patient complaint mechanism
Reporting and learning systems
GOP Description
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Clinical settings
Dental offices in Austria
To handle patient complaints and to avoid high costs for patinets and dentists which would arise if civil courts would handle all patient complaints.
Dentists established in Austria and patients treated by them
1. Establish arbitration bodies on regional and national level composed of representatives of dentists and patients.
2. Patients have the opportunity to yield their complaints directly at the arbitration bodies in their respective region.
3. Arbitration bodies decide about the complaints.
4. Patients and dentists are both free to accept the decision.
5. If either patient or dentist do not accept the decision complaint will be handled by the arbitration body on national level.
6. Patients and dentists are both free to accept the decision.
7. If either patient or dentist do not accept the decision civil courts can be appealed.
Timeframe implementation
~ one year
Implementation tools available
1.Nomination of members of arbitration bodies.
2.Internal rules for arbitration bodies have to be defined.
3. Procedures for the handling of complaints have to be defined.
Implementation cost
~ € 50.000 per year.
Method used to measure the results
Comparison of the number of complaints going to court.
Court cases concerning patient complaints could be reduced.
~50% of the cases were decided by the arbitration bodies in favour of the patients, 50% in favour of the dentists involved.
Analysis of the results
Results show that the arbitration bodies seem to be successful in getting fair decisions.
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