114-699 / Accredited program for continuing education (CE) for dentists

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Austrian Dental Chamber


Professional learning program on quality and safety
Education in Patient Safety
GOP Description
Implementation level
Clinical settings
Dental offices in Austria
To guarantee the standard of CE for dentists and to maximise the number of CE diploma
Dentists established in Austria
1. All events concerning CE for dentists have to be accreditated by the Chamber.
2. Credit points depneding on the content and time frame of the event are defined.
3. Dentists participating at CE events are reported to the Chamber.
4. Credit points are registered per dentist by the Chamber.
5. Dentists who have reached a certain amount of credit points (120 at the moment) get a diploma for CE.
Timeframe implementation
~ one year
Implementation tools available
Data base has to be establisked
Communication between Chamber and organisers of events has to be secured.
Implementation cost
~ € 100.000 + annual costs of ~ € 50.000 (personnel and technical costs).
Method used to measure the results
Comparison between the situation from before introducing the program and the situation afterwards concerning the number of dentists completing the CE diploma program.
Nowadays ~ 50% of dentists have got a diploma for CE compared to ~ 20% before the introduction of the program.
Analysis of the results
The program helped to increase the rate of CE diploma among dentists significantly.
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