108-603 / Health Websites Accreditation Programme (HWAP)

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Andalusian Agency for Healthcare Quality (ACSA),

Andalusian Regional Ministry of Health and Social Welfare

Health IT
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Clinical settings
Public and private Health Websites
To improve health websites by verifying the web pages reliability in relation to information contents, connectivity and services provided to users.
Websites of:
• Public or private providers of health care
• Health sector agencies, including intergovernmental, governmental or non-governmental ones
• Patient or support groups
• Scientific Societies and Professional Associations
• Equipment or research on health issues
• Others
The HWAP based continuous improvement on self-assessment. This self-evaluation fosters internal reflection by the certification process responsible on clear HWAP standards and evidences, in order to verify the existence and subsequent implementation on its website standards and evidence collected in the program.
The Agency provides a web-based software tool (ME_jora W). Created to support the certification process it allows: to access the content of the HWAP, to see examples and references relating to standards and evidence, to facilitate the development of self-assessment and customize the process, and to establish contact with the Agency to resolve doubts.The standards refer to the following dimensions websites quality: User Rights, Information Management, and Health Content and services as part of the System Center Healthcare.The accreditation granted is valid for two years. (
Timeframe implementation
With the methodology developed and supported by the ME_jora W web-based application, it can be piloted in approximately 6 months.
Implementation tools available
Accreditation Manual (2)

ME_jora W web-based application, which is used throughout the application process, self-assessment, evaluation and monitoring of the accreditation process.

Implementation cost
Defining a Standards Manual: 5000 €
ME_jora W web-based application license: 50000 €
Translation of the application ME_jora W: 50000 €
Evaluator Training: 10000 €
Process certification website: 260 €
Method used to measure the results
Descriptive studies
Analysis of users satisfaction
A total of 86 health websites are in the process of accreditation, with the following distribution:
– 19 sites under development, pending acceptance.
– 27 sites under self
– 3 sites under evaluation
– 11 pending stabilization web pages of the first evaluation standards
– 26 accredited health websites (3)Users indicate that:
– The Accreditation Program promotes continuous improvement
– Increases user confidence in the Website (4)
Analysis of the results
In a manner consistent with the methodology that includes self-assessment, the results confirm that the program promotes continuous improvement of Health websites
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The Andalusian Agency for Healthcare Quality (ACSA) was founded in 2002 as part of the strategy promoted by the Ministry of Health of the Government of Andalusia to improve and ensure quality health care for citizens.
Hitherto, the Agency has established and implemented its own model of accreditation, and it has designed a series of accreditation programs as tools for continuous improvement and serving security professionals and citizens, as well as establishing a methodology that facilitates its application in practice maximizing their results.
Certification of Health Websites responds to Andalusian institutional commitment with the European initiatives to ensure the rights of citizens, and in this sense, this Accreditation Program reflects the spirit of the document of the Commission of the European Communities, “eEurope 2002 . Quality criteria for web sites related to health, from November 29, 2002. “1.http://www.juntadeandalucia.es/agenciadecalidadsanitaria/programas_de_acreditacion/paginas_web_sanitarias/el_programa_de_acreditacion.html2.http://www.juntadeandalucia.es/agenciadecalidadsanitaria/programas_de_acreditacion/paginas_web_sanitarias/el_manual_de_acreditacion.html3.http://www.juntadeandalucia.es/agenciadecalidadsanitaria/resultados_de_acreditacion/paginas_web_sanitarias/situacion_actual.html4.http://www.juntadeandalucia.es/agenciadecalidadsanitaria/resultados_de_acreditacion/paginas_web_sanitarias/resultados_evaluacion.html