101-659 / Patient participation in professional regulation

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Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland


Patient involvement
Patient involvement
GOP Description
Implementation level
Clinical settings
Impact is on all settings where nurses and midwives practice.
To ensure responsive, patient centered professional regulation.
The public.
Patient and advocate representatives participate in all levels of the professional regulation governance of nurses and midwives in Ireland including Board membership, sub-committee membership and all project and research group.
Timeframe implementation
This has been on-going for many years.
Implementation tools available
Legislation, policy and research evidence dictates the importance and appropriateness of having the public and patient representatives playing a prominent and fundamental role in professional regulation including setting standards of education and practice.
Implementation cost
Cost is limited to members expenses and subsistence.
Method used to measure the results
A survey of the governance experience of Board members was undertaken based on the 2007-2012 Board.
Generally results were positive, a copy of the research has been sent forward to the ISQUA conference in Edinburgh this year.
This evaluation study of the governance experience of board members is the first of its kind completed within the Irish Nursing Board. The evaluation study explored the goverance experiences of members of the board from 2007-2012 under the areas of propriety, responsiveness, transparency and public accountability.
Analysis of the results
The evaluation highlighted areas that the board members consider that the board does well as well as areas where improvement is needed. The Irish Nursing Board executive team will use the information from the evaluation of the governance experience of board members from 2007-2012 to inform the induction and orientation of board members going forward and to further develop governance relationships within the board.
Implementation barriers
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Initial concern of some professional representatives regarding the role of the public in professional self-regulation.
Describe the strategies used to overcome the barriers (If needed)
The primary strategy used was engagement and participation whereby the patient representatives and nurse representatives collaborate together on most of the project activity undertaken by the regulator and there is a general consensus of the benefit of broad stakeholder engagement. Multi-stakeholder engagement is a facet of most areas of life in Ireland in 2013.
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The beliefs and values relating to the important role played by patient/advocates in professional regulation of Nurses and midwives includes patient advocates on disciplinary committees and patient advocates on the programme boards of the Education programmes for Nurses and midwives in the Higher Education Settings.

In this regard patients are involved in the setting of standards for nurse and midwife education, support programme development within the Higher education institutions and are also involved in the development of professional guidance for the professions and the discipline process for nurses and midwives.