100-659 / National Healthcare Charter ‘You and Your Health Service’

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Health Service Executive


Patient involvement
Patient involvement
GOP Description
Implementation level
Clinical settings
Acute hospitals and primary care.
To describe what service users can expect when using health services, and what they can do to help to deliver more effective and safe services.
To inform and empower service users to actively look after their own health and to influence the quality of healthcare in Ireland.
It applies to all public health and social care services, including community care services and acute hospitals.
Development of charter
It is based on eight principles which underpin high quality, people-centred care. These principles have been identified through a review of national and international patient charters and through wide consultation with the Irish public.
Review of evidence
Production of resources
Dissemination and awareness plan
Evaluation plan
Timeframe implementation
2009 to 2014
Implementation tools available
Staff guide
Information sessions
Promotion materials
Web support
Implementation cost
Method used to measure the results
Patient surveys
Implementation stage still ongoing, full results not available yet.
Analysis of the results
Implementation stage still ongoing, full results not available yet.
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