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The digitization of all documents produced should be the first step, preparatory to the following ones, in the Digital Transformation Gp display practice details aspx prid 1138 path of every healthcare facility.

When there is a digital version of the existing information assets and processes with which to acquire new data and information in electronic format, it will be possible to adopt tools such as the Electronic Health Record (currently active in patches throughout Italy).

The Electronic Health File

The same reasoning applies to tools and mechanisms of “active nutrition”, which allow citizens to add reports and analyzes from private structures, but also measurements carried out independently (pressure, blood sugar, etc.), to the information in the possession of the ASL of membership.

  • 636446489_218509180_1706x960-6793569The need to consider the aspects relating to maintaining the legal value of the documents produced and the security of the processes adopted is also of fundamental importance.
  • In this regard, InfoCert boasts a consolidated experience in the field of Digital Trust Gp display practice details aspx prid 1138 in the healthcare sector, with solutions able to ensure their reliability over time and which allow:
  • to structures, to implement digital document production processes, manage digital signature and preservation processes
  • citizens and patients, to sign documents and manage consents in digital format, maintaining their full legal value, with solutions that implement the use of biometric data (eg. the graphometric signature) or SPID.

Doctor-patient relationship: first choice treatment pasq?

Asking whether the relationship has a role in the achievement of the aims of medicine presupposes in a preliminary way the definition of these aims: what do we all propose, each in his role, as doctors?

An answer in common terms can be: to help people to live more and better.

types-f-1-9269079In other words, we could say: reduce the number of premature deaths and improve the quality of life. By their very nature, these goals leave room for continuous improvement. We can ask ourselves to what extent medicine is able to pursue them today. After examining, in the two previous meetings, the structure of the ego and the interpersonal relationship, we begin today to see what role it plays in the exercise of the medical profession.

Today we would like to examine more closely the relationship between doctor and patient and ask ourselves whether paying attention to it Gp display practice details aspx prid 1138, dedicating commitment to improving it, investing energy and time in it has practical consequences.

In other words, does this commitment affect the results of our medical practice pasq?

Relazione tra medico e paziente - Dago fotogalleryOr is it not, by chance, an elegant addition, a tinsel that embellishes our work, which we like to boast about, but which does not change the substance of what we do and what patients expect from us?

In short, we ask ourselves: is the relationship a “luxury object”, which can be left to those who have nothing else to do Gp display practice details aspx prid 1138, or is it, instead, a relevant element of our profession?

Fulvio Freda and I intend to offer answers to this question from two different perspectives: Fulvio starting from his experience as a surgeon and I from that of an internist involved in cardiovascular prevention, trying to highlight what the scientific literature teaches us on the subject with PASQ.


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