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It is also important to talk about the methodology used to analyze the patient experience. Using quality questionnaires and patient satisfaction surveys conducted in the health center and asking questions such as.

How likely would you be to recommend our facility to a friend or family member?” (NPS) or “How does the hospital emergency department assess?”, It is possible to obtain very important data in order to identify areas for improvement and subsequently implement corrective actions.

Broken bone in arm Stock Photos - Page 1 : MasterfileFor example, the Ramón y Cajal University Hospital, a reference point in Spain, carries out quality surveys in different points of the structure (emergency room, specialist visits …) to find out the degree of satisfaction with the patient’s experience. , from the moment the patient enters the hospital until he leaves.

Indicators such as the Net Promoter Score (NPS) allow to know the predisposition to recommend the health center or the service to the close circle of friends and family (if you want to know more, click here NPS!)

Conclusions of the study

What emerges from the study is that the patient’s experience is not a static concept, but rather the opposite: it is a constantly evolving idea that must be continuously adapted in order to provide the patient with the best possible experience.

The main conclusions of the study are as follows:

Quality and feeling of safety in healthcare facilities are not enough for the patient. These parameters are already taken for granted; in fact, patients also expect to be heard and understood throughout the process and to have their worries and fears continuously accommodated.

  • Patient empowerment places the patient at the center of the healthcare system.
  • We need to use new tools and establish communication channels with the patient that digital transformation offers.
  • Involve all process agents and collaborators who participate in the relationship with patients in order to offer a WOW experience.

Even if the world of patient experience presents many challenges, we have the necessary tools to start improving right away: automating the process of collecting opinions with RateNow feedback terminals in health centers and hospitals saves resources in the management of quality surveys.

At the same time, it allows you to analyze in real time the satisfaction and experience of your patients, improving the image of the center.

Referral marketing for dentists: 4 simple examples

12-7367949The oldest and most effective weapon of marketing is undoubtedly word of mouth. Receiving a new patient in the office sent there by another patient of yours is a success for the study.

The new patient comes to you because he has had a positive report from someone who is reliable for him (a family member, a friend, an acquaintance …). The relationship between you and him starts off on the right foot: he trusts you, even if he doesn’t know you yet.

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    The 7 things patients want from the dentist
  • Every self-respecting company focuses its attention on the customer, on his expectations and on his needs.

In the case of the dental office, the client is the patient. Every dentist, therefore, should ask himself: “but what do patients expect from me?”, “What are the things to leverage to make them choose me rather than a competitor?”, And so on.

Today we try to answer these questions, relying, as we have done on other occasions, on concrete numbers, borrowed from a US survey. Before proceeding with reading the 7 things patients want from their dentist, take a few seconds to try and imagine what these 7 things are. You can then compare your expectations with the survey results.


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