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Both public and private facilities coexist in the Spanish health system.

mejorar-la-experiencia-del-paciente-3519370On the one hand, private healthcare has increased the number of patients by more than 5% – about 500,000 people – compared to last year; on the other hand, patients choose private centers for the best service offered, for the comfort of the facilities and for the availability of doctors.

According to the above study,The first study on the private health sector in Spain “explains what are the key factors that define the patient experience in private health from the first to the last point of contact between patient and health center.

In addition to analyzing general patient satisfaction as well as evaluation of particular services, it is also proposed to identify the percentage of cases in which the experience really responds to the patient’s expectations.Now we explain the study highlights to how to improve the patient experience at your clinic or healthcare facility.

Getting to know the Patient Journey: starting from the patient to reach the patient

  • To measure the experience we need to know the entire process followed by our patients, the famous patient journey. To do this, you need to keep these 4 steps in mind
  • UNDERSTANDING EXPECTATIONSThe patient journey begins with the patient’s expectations, what they expect from private healthcare and what drives them to choose your service.
  • HAVE A CLEAR PICTURE OF THE PXLearn about the emotions of patients in health centers to understand their worries and fears along the process.
  • KNOW WHERE AND HOW TO ACTIdentify and enhance your strengths and identify areas for improvement in the journey to understand what expectations are not met.
  • STRATEGY: TAKE ACTIONImplement corrective actions to improve patient KPIs, increase satisfaction levels and the number of happy patients.

satisfaccion-del-paciente-6871693The study is based on a patient journey consisting of five phases: access to the system, emergencies, diagnostic tests, medical visits and hospitalization. More specifically, for each of the 5 phases we have studied when a WOW experience is created. You may be wondering … What is a WOW experience and how can we identify it?

Achieve the WOW experience

  • The WOW experience is nothing more than the ideal experience that the patient would like to receive. With a 0% to 100% indicator used to gauge the experience:
  • A rating above 90% represents a WOW experience, which surprises and satisfies the patient.

experiencia-del-paciente-en-centro-7315597Between 60% and 90% it is an OK experience, acceptable for the patient.
Below 60%, it is an OUCH experience, which generates dissatisfaction and disappointment for the patient.

The results of the study show that in the private healthcare sector the WOW experience level is 79%, positioning it as the leading sector in this particular ranking, surpassing sectors such as fashion, catering, leisure and leisure, banking …).


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