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The Field Safety Notice advises patients and customers

For patients using mechanical ventilation devices for life support (Field Safety Notice I):do not interrupt or change prescribed therapy without consulting your physician to determine the appropriate next steps.

mejorar-la-experiencia-paciente-5262908Philips acknowledges that alternative ventilation options for therapy may not exist or may be severely limited for patients requiring a ventilator for life support treatment or in cases where discontinuation of therapy is not acceptable. In these situations, and at the discretion of the medical team, the benefits of continued use of these ventilators may outweigh the risks.

If your doctor determines that you need to continue using this device, use an inline bacterial filter. For information on installation, please consult the instructions for use.For patients using two-tier PAP and CPAP devices (Field Safety Notice II):

  • Together with your physician, decide whether the benefit of continuing therapy with the device already in use outweighs the identified risks.
  • Philips is taking this situation very seriously and is dedicating significant time and resources to remedy what has happened.

Our goal is to provide affected patients and customers with the service they expect and deserve, while we are committed to solving the problem we have given top priority.Our commitment includes the global and large-scale increase of manufacturing, repairs, services, distribution and other functions in support of corrective actions.

We are unreservedly committed to supporting the worldwide community of patients who rely on our sleep and respiratory care solutions to improve their health and quality of life, as well as physicians and customers dedicated to meeting their needs.

Do you want to improve the patient experience in your care center?

We analyze the healthcare sector with the study carried out by IDIS on the patient’s experience in private healthcare.

Patient Experience (PX) is a key factor to consider in the strategy of any hospital, clinic or medical center. When patients are happy, they tend to be more optimistic and this has a positive effect on their health.

  • As a result, they communicate better with medical staff, follow directions more precisely and are actively involved in their treatment, which contributes to their recovery.
  • This view is also supported by the first study carried out on patient experience in the private healthcare sector in Spain: ‚ÄúPatient experience.

143057895-medico-e-infermiere-che-esaminano-paziente-anziano-a-letto-in-ospedale-3216111The first study on the private healthcare sector in Spain “, carried out by experts from the Institute for Health Development and Integration (IDIS) and with the collaboration of Lukkap Customer Experience.

In addition, RateNow participated as a technology partner of HOSPEA, the annual health seminar which was held on 26 and 27 March in Valencia. During the event we met with some of the leading experts in the sector and discussed the most urgent needs of hospitals and health centers.

In this post, we talk about the importance of the patient’s experience during the entire healthcare process and its direct impact on the healing process.

Towards the evolution of the healthcare sector

  • 126112633-vista-laterale-della-dottoressa-afro-americana-che-attacca-la-pulsossimetria-sulla-mano-del-paziente-3494640With the evolution of medicine towards increasingly personalized treatments, the relationship between patients and medical staff is also changing rapidly.
  • Furthermore, the industry is gradually opening up to a new concept of patient experience; according to the study “The state of patient experience 2017: a return to purpose” published in 2017 by the Beryl Institute.
  • 56% of hospitals around the world have started to apply the concept of “patient experience” in their strategies and 26% sees it as a key factor in the health center culture.

The way patients are treated and their overall experience should not be just another KPI to look at at the end of the year, but should be analyzed as an integral part of the strategy and management of any clinic or hospital; similarly credibility, patient confidence and reputation should be concrete goals to be achieved.


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